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Pets Ahoi Values & DNA

We invite you to get to know us a bit more and discover what drives our DNA!

For those who don’t know us yet, Pets Ahoi is a pet lover community connecting pet owners and trusted pet sitters.

Pets Ahoi specialises in offering certified and personalised in-home pet sitting experiences tailored to every pet. Our service helps pet parents find the perfect pet sitter in their area who will treat their pets like family.

We believe pets are family and when their owners go on vacations pets deserve to be left in the best hands and the best care.

We are happy to invite pet parents to know our mission, values and what drives our DNA.

Pets Ahoi Mission & DNA

Our mission is to improve the lives of pet parents, one by one.

We want to build a strong trust foundation between pet owners and our certified & trusted pet sitters by giving the users more freedom to travel and peace of mind while they are away.

We want to give pet parents the possibility to design the best pet sitting experience for their pets while they are away and let them know their pets will be left with the best care and in the best hands.

Pets Ahoi Values

1. Pets are Family

We believe pets are members of our family. They should be treated with the best care and left in the best hands.

For us it is not just about a short visit and feeding your pet; we understand pets’ needs at a much deeper level than that. They don't just have physical but also emotional needs and it is our mission to fulfil that specially when the pet parents are away. Therefore, all of our services require the necessary amount of time your pet needs and deserves while it is missing you.

“ With Ahoi, we really mean: See you later & do not worry, your pet is in good hands. Go enjoy your vacations!”

- Marcela Checa-Sauermann

2. Each Pet is Unique

We offer personalised and exclusive services tailored to every pet.

We give pet parents the opportunity to design & personalise their bookings tailored to their pet's needs. This is part of our DNA, we know each pet has different personality, needs, routine & diet and require individual care.

3. Comfy at Home

We believe pets need to be taken care of in the comfort of their homes.

Our DNA stands on your pet being taken cared of in the comfort of their home or a pet sitter’s home. We believe this is the best option for them.

They deserve to either stay at their home or in a comfy home where they will have enough space, avoid interrupting their routines, have a meaningful 1:1 connection with a pet sitter, have the right amount of peacefulness they need and give them the chance to feel safe & less stressed than at a pet hotel.

4. Sitter-Matching: Hand-picked for You

We find you the right sitter according to the size, breed and needs of your pet.

We believe a matching process is necessary to guarantee a true connection between the pet and the sitter.

5. Peace of Mind: Transparent, Personal & Certified

We want to offer the most trustworthy service possible and build that trust foundation pet owners need in order to enjoy their vacations or time away.

For that Peace of Mind pet parents need we offer:

1. Pet Sitting & First Aid Training Certification.

All pet sitters go through a screening process of background checks, interview process and a proper onboarding program which includes a first aid training for them to be certified. Pet parents can also view the sitter reviews and ratings from past pet sitting experiences.


One of our pet-sitters will be available for a 20 minute Meet & Greet with you and your furry one.

Meet & Greet is necessary for both parties to have a good feeling and get to know each other and ask all questions possible from both sides. It is completely free of charge.

It is important there is chemistry between pet owner, pet and pet sitter. It is important for pet owners to feel comfortable with the pet sitter. It is also important that our pet sitters feel comfortable with the pet they will be taking care of and responsible for.

This meeting opens the opportunity for pet parents to ask all questions possible, get to know our company’s services and how we operate. This meeting also gives the opportunity for pet parents to instruct the pet sitter to a tailored care for their pet.

6. Quality Control & Local Team

Forget about anonymous online pet sitting services where there is no screening process, anyone can be a pet sitter, no interviews were made and most importantly: no one is monitoring the pet sitting experiences!

This is the reason Pets Ahoi was born in the first place. ❗☝

Quality Control

Once our pet sitters start sitting, I (Marcela) make sure they are doing their job, that everything is in order and running smoothly. In case of an emergency, we got your back! We believe quality control is everything! Your furry friend deserves the best care!

The Power of Local

We are a great team of animal lovers who love to meet often to share our experiences, improve our service through collaboration and knowledge sharing. We believe keeping our team local and close is the best option for keeping quality control and reaching a 5 star pet sitting service experience.

We believe it is important for us to be a real physical team and get to know each other, because together is PAWESOME! 💪

We are happy to take your stress and worries away while you are on vacations by letting you know your pet will be left in the best hands and care. 💞

We are a pet-conscious community platform not only delivering outstanding pet sitting experiences but also celebrating animals' wellness and pet-loving.

I hope after reading this, you understand our DNA better and could see the transparency of our values and mission. We want to improve pet parents’ lives one by one and create a fully trustworthy community of pet lovers and pet carers. 💖

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Photo Credits: Ira Efremova


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