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Hamburg Team ⚓️     │     Berlin Team 🐻

We are happy to help you!

We are a team of 21 pet sitters & animal enthusiasts in Hamburg who will treat your pet like family.

We specialise in personalised pet-sitting services tailored to your needs. We do the sitter matching in order to guarantee a true connection between the pet and the sitter.

We are a great team of animal lovers who love to meet often to share our experiences, improve our service through collaboration and knowledge sharing. We believe keeping our team local and close is the best option for keeping quality control and reaching a 5 star petsitting service experience. 


We are happy to take your stress and worries away while you are on vacations by letting you know your pet will be left in the best hands and care.

Pets Ahoi Gründerin

Pets Ahoi Founder

Hi! I am Marcela, the Founder of Pets Ahoi. ⚓️

I am a true animal enthusiast and pet lover. I grew up with many pets from cats, dogs and bunnies to turtles, chickens and parrots. My childhood life was basically a living farm dream.

From a young age I developed a deep empathy and sensitivity to animal feelings, needs and understanding. 🐶🐱🐰🐤🐔🐢

My cat Hugo in this picture is the inspiration for my business platform.

I have a background in Design and enjoy being involved in all areas creative. I decided to start my own petsitting platform because I wanted to give pet owners the peace of mind they deserve and help them have a better alternative to pet kennels and impersonal petsitting services.

My passion for designing services and building systems combined with my love for animals lead me today to create a service platform pet owners can fully trust.

We are a strong pet-conscious service platform not only delivering outstanding and unique experiences to petsitting, but also a community to engage users in animal awareness, wellness and pet loving.

Pet lovers at heart

All of our pet sitters are:  🐾 Pet Lovers   👌 Verified   💞 Part of our Family   🌈 LGBTQ-friendly

We love what we do!  Below some pictures of our team enjoying spending time with pets.💖

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