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Pet Hotels or Pet Sitting?

Not sure which is the best option for your furry one: whether to board your pet in a pet hotel or hire a pet sitter?

Have you ever thought which is the best pet care option for your pet when you are away? This is a difficult topic, as many factors depend on it. Many people choose their factor depending on price and what is easier for them, while forgetting what is best for their pet.

Put Yourself in their Paws

Very often it depends on your pet's breed, personality and the way it was raised. There are many questions you have to ask yourself before making the right decision whether pet sitting or a pet hotel (boarding facility) is the best option for your furry one.

Do you own multiple pets? How many days will you be away? Is your pet a social animal? Is your pet used to being alone or being around other pets? Do you own an indoor pet?

Answering these questions and analysing all of these factors can help you choose the best pet care option for your furry one.

A great way to start is to put yourself in their paws. A second way is to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of both pet hotels and pet sitting in order to help you make the right decision.

First step is to put yourself in their shoes, well in this case paws. Try to think where your pet would feel more comfortable, safe, happier and most importantly less stressed.”

- Marcela Pets Ahoi Founder

Advantages of Pet Hotels or Boarding Facilities

  • Often a Cheaper Alternative. But then again cheaper does not mean you and your pet get a better service.

  • Pets Socialising. Another pro for pet boarding in a hotel is that your pets get to socialise with other pets. This is only positive if your pet is used to being around other animals. Otherwise it is the opposite effect since it may cause a lot of stress to your pet.

  • In a pet boarding facility there is a lower risk of losing a pet due to the fact that they are usually in enclosed spaces and also due to the high number of pet carers that are around in a pet hotel.

Disadvantages of Pet Hotels or Boarding Facilities

  • Risk of Diseases and Health Conditions. The first con relates to how your pet mixes with other pets. This can cause your pet not only a lot of stress but you expose them to get many diseases from other pets around them.

  • The stress and trauma you put your pet through: new environment, new routine and crowded space? This can be way too much for your pet to handle. Many dogs can get very stressed when everything around them changes, but cats are even affected at a much higher level.

  • Lack of Space. Pets are confined to stay in a small space or cage in pet boarding facilities.

  • Lack of personalised & tailored service. None of the pets boarded in a hotel receive special or prioritised treatment over other pets unless you pay extra money for that.

  • Interrupted routine. A pet's routine of going for a walk at a certain time, potty breaks at a certain time and getting fed is interrupted. This may cause a lot of stress and anxiety to them when staying in a pet boarding facility.

Advantages of Choosing Pet Sitting

  • 1 : 1 Pet Care Experience. Pets feel more comfortable and happier with a 1 : 1 care experience. They get the proper attention, personalised care and enough exercise & playtime. Your pet receives a personal experience with one pet sitter, while avoiding numerous pet carers treating it. This ensures the development of a deep connection, trust and ease for your pet's care.

  • Staying in their Comfort Zone. The option of staying in their comfort zone helps pets avoid having stress, trauma and fear. If your pet is staying at a pet sitter's place, it is still a home where your pet can find peace and comfort.

  • Get enough Freedom of Space. During pet sitting, pets are not confined to stay in small cages or spaces for long periods of time. Dogs usually stay in cages or very small spaces when boarded in a hotel, this causes stress and anxiety. Dogs enjoy to get the freedom of space they need and get quite anxious when enclosed in small spaces. Pet sitting allows dogs to feel free to walk around and find their comfy spot either at home or at the pet sitter's home.

  • Mantaining the Same Routine. A pet's routine is not interrupted when pet sitting. In a pet hotel routines are always interrupted and pets usually adapt to the carers' new schedules. It is very important to keep a pet's routine steady. Pets can develop a lot of stress when their routines are completely changed.

  • Disease-free. Pet sitting avoids pets getting diseases from other pets like at pet hotels. Many dogs can get infected by other dogs in a pet boarding facility and get sick. Pet hotels usually have a limited space capability for dogs to move around and therefore dogs are forced to stay close to each other. The closure and sharing of bowls and spaces can cause dogs to easily get sicknesses from other dogs. Pet sitting keep pets safe and away from being exposed to diseases.

  • Avoid Pet Fights or Confrontations. Pets avoid encountering themselves in a confrontation situation or fights with other pets when pet sitting is chosen over pet hotels.

Disadvantages of Pet Sitting

  • Availability of Pet Sitters. It can happen that your favourite pet sitter is not available all the time you need them. Pet hotels have many people to watch over your pet at the same time in case your pet sitter is not available for a specific time frame.

  • Higher Prices. Pet sitting is a qualitative better service therefore pet owners must pay a much higher price than in a pet hotel.

  • Losing a Pet. The risk of having a pet getting lost is higher when pet sitting than in a pet hotel.

Choose the Best Option for your Pet

You have to make sure you are making the best decision and choosing the best option for your pet, not just for yourself. Remember they will be sad missing you, so you should make them feel you care enough to leave them in the best hands!

In general pet sitting is by far the best option for most pets. Your pet can have the blessing to keep staying at their comfort zone, avoid stress and trauma of getting attacked by other pets, adapting to a new environment or to a completely new routine. Only through pet sitting your pet will be able to enjoy a 1:1 pet care experience and develop that deep connection with that special pet sitter you are looking for to give the proper care, attention and love your pet needs while you are away!

What are your thoughts on which pet care is better for your fur-baby?

Pets Ahoi

Pets Ahoi is a pet-lover community connecting pet owners and trusted pet sitters. Pets Ahoi specialises in offering certified and personalised in-home pet sitting experiences tailored to pet owners' and pets' needs. We believe pets are family and when their owners go on vacation, pets deserve to be left in the best hands and the best care. We believe pets need to be taken care of in the comfort of a home. Our service helps pet parents find the perfect pet sitter in their area who will treat their pets like family.

Going on vacation soon? Looking for the right pet sitter? Pets Ahoi is happy to help you find the perfect pet sitter.

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