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New Year's Pawsitive Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions Inspiration for Pet Parents

I hope you all were able to enjoy some cosy holidays and had a nice transition into 2021.

Overall, we can say we survived 2020! 2020 was a strange year, very difficult to most, but we all got our positive learnings and takeaways from it.

We are happy to start 2021 strong and overall make it a better year for our furry ones too!

Here I wrote some great new year resolutions that can serve as inspiration for many of you pet parents. Happy new year and new beginnings! May this year be a pawesome one!

1. Food Intake Measure

When it comes to weight and pets, this should never be overlooked. Keeping your pet’s weight is very important in oder for them to keep active and avoid contracting diseases. Overweight problems and obesity is the biggest pet health and welfare concern. Measuring your pet’s food accurately is the first step to take to prevent overfeeding.

2. More Exercise & Find a New Activity

When it comes to health and weight control, diet is only a part of this problem and in order to maintain or lose weight, exercise and activity is also necessary in order to meet these goals.

Make it as a goal for you as well as your pet. If you are a dog owner, the average amount of calories usually burnt when walking your dog for 1 hour is 205 calories, isn't that great?! Make that also as a pet owner goal for you to stay fit and have some active time outside while breathing some fresh air. Keep in mind the more active your pet will be outside, the better sleep they will get and the healthier lifestyle you will both achieve.

If you find an activity that you love and it also happens that it could be something your pet would also love, then awesome! You’ll both have great fun and achieve your goal of getting more exercise too! From doga to hiking, swimming to kayaking, there are numerous of activities that can be done with your pet!

3. Swap Screen Time for Playtime

It is very seldom to walk a cat, so cats will need other type of physical activity specially if it is an indoor cat. Indoor cat owners in this case should invest more time playing with their cats inside their homes.

The more time you dedicate to play and keep your pets active, the better sleep they will get. This will not only improve their health, but will also strengthen your connection with your furry one since they appreciate the interaction and attention.

Cats love the thrill of chasing a laser toy and toys that trigger a cat’s predatory instinct are a great way to get them off the couch and engaged in a little aerobic activity.

4. Regular Visits to the Vet

Have your veterinarian examine your pet at least once a year to make sure he or she is healthy in order to help detect any potential problems early.

Sometimes we think our pets are doing ok, but we do not know if they might be experiencing mild pain or the beginning of a disease, so to keep that controlled it is recommended to have 1-2 visits to the vet per year for normal check-ups.

Regular check-ups is also a sign of love and care for your pet. A pet is a 10-20 year responsibility & compromise and this includes taking care of their health.

5. Pet Meditation

We are all very busy nowadays. So incorporating our pet into our self-care routine is a a thoughtful way to improve both your and your pet’s wellness.

Try committing to meditating at least a few minutes a day. Mindful mediation can actually help lessen feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. The stress hormone cortisol could be reduced through just 10 minutes of stroking a pet, so try incorporating your dog or cat into your new meditation practice. Try doing it every day at the same time so it becomes a routine.

If you are a cat owner, the purring vibrations are also proven to improve the human heart condition. So start taking 10 minutes of your day to meditate while cuddling with your pet.

That is not only a healthy self-care practice, but it strengthens your relationship & bond with your pet.

6. More Grooming

Another way of showing how much you love your pet is through grooming.

Why is grooming is so important?

A. It helps removes excess fur from the coat and so reduces the amount you find on your clothes and furniture.