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Petpreneur Interview: David Harder Brings the Animal Partner in the Pocket!

Activity Tracking and Collecting Health Data

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello Marcela, gladly.

I’m David, founder of Animalytics - the firm behind the brands HorseAnalytics and Furryfit. Animalytics was founded to improve the well-being of animals with the help of innovative technologies and therefore support pet owners as best as possible.

2. Why did you decide to found Animalytics? How did you get started?

Animalytics is initially the firm behind our brands HorseAnalytics and Furryfit. I worked for the HorseAnalytics GmbH for two years. One year ago, my past employer went bankrupt. I fully believed in our original product since the beginning - a training app for equestrians and always wanted to transform it into a management app. This month, we have finally launched HorseAnalytics PRO.

In May 2020 I had the chance to take over the assets of Furryfit. The combination of both projects makes it possible to launch a health management app with an activity tracker for both target groups.

3. What is the vision is behind Animalytics and Furryfit?

50% of all dogs worldwide do not have a healthy body condition - 30% are even obese. This leads to different diseases and a shorter lifespan for the family member, as well as high costs for pet owners and insurances. That’s how I want to support pet owners in keeping their dog healthy.

4. What differentiates you from other providers?

I believe the greatest difference is that we are not developing a GPS-Tracker. We specialise in activity tracking and collecting health data.

5. What do you like most about your work?

Clearly the autonomy when working and the connection between work and animals.

6. Please tell us a little bit about the subject of health trackers. Why do you recommend health trackers to dog owners?

Apart from the subject of overweight dogs, we also want to offer owners support for other serious health conditions such as arthritis and epilepsy, as well as stress or anxiety derived from external factors. I believe that it will give our clients a sense of comfort, safety and trust when they can always have a part of their canine friend in their pocket.

7. Which part of working in this section is the hardest?

I believe that the worldwide growth rates in the Health and service sectors are increasing, which creates the ideal foundation for the Furryfit App. Nevertheless, the pet market is still not digitised. I believe that all the big names in the market know they have to work towards digitalisation and customer loyalty - yet, there’s not enough investment or funding for it.

8. Do you have pets yourself?

Sadly not - I currently live in a beautiful apartment near the city park and could bring a dog into the office. Nevertheless, I am extremely aware of the responsibility - especially once Corona allows us to travel again, I will most likely be on the move a lot. Yet, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of animals, many of my good friends own horses and I often have an office dog by my side.

9. What do you do when you need a time out? What is your favourite place in Hamburg?

The city park! During the first lockdown I found balance through yoga - I seem to have to restart that again :)

10. Which saying best describes your life motto?

My team just said: “Better done than perfect.” Especially for start-ups it’s important to try out things and not always wait for the perfect solution. I believe that in life, one has to be brave and try out new things. One should always question themselves and seek new challenges.

“Better done than perfect.”

Especially for start-ups it’s important to try out things and not always wait for the perfect solution.

- David Harder Animalytics Founder

11. What or who are your greatest inspirations?

There is this speech by Steve Jobs at the Stanford University Graduation. There he said: Every morning I ask myself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

And I really love what i’m doing! I can not imagine a better job, that combines my personal and professional interests.

12. Are there any accounts, books or blogs, that you recommend to animal lovers and pet owners?

I believe everyone has to find their own channel. We’re currently still focused on horses. Here I can recommend our channels - we post a lot of informational content that’s truly helpful.

13. What is the best advise you can offer pet owners?

Enjoy the time!

14. Do you have any special plans for Christmas?

Cologne! I will go home and see my family.

15. Do you have any resolutions for 2021?

Revenue is our clients applause. If we can manage a break-even by 2021, I would be extremely pleased. Otherwise, I wish that the pandemic will come to a swift end and that all of us will stay healthy.

We thank David Harder for the interview.

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