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10 Reasons why you should adopt a pet from a shelter

Adopting animals from shelters has never been so important. Many pets that were adopted in 2019-2020 have now returned to shelters. Now these animals are in desperate need of a forever family & home.

During the last 2 years, many people adopted pets. Now that things are slowly opening and people go back to their office jobs, many are unfortunately returning their pets to the shelters. It is so sad to see that people treat animals like toys and do not consider them as real family members. A pet is not a toy thing to play around for some time, or an entertainment to keep your children busy. It is important to know and realise that a pet is a 10-15+ years of responsibility and commitment.

Behind the fluffy ears, paws, whiskers and cute belly, there is way more to pets. They have feelings and deserve a family to take care of them.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, please assume it is a big commitment and responsibility. But right now is the best time to adopt if you assume your role as a pet parent and will welcome a pet into your family & home.

Below are some reasons why adopting is a better choice, especially now.

1. You will save a life

Every year millions of pets are euthanised. You can save the life of one of these animals if you decide to adopt it.

2. You will give a second animal a chance

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you save two animals at once. By adopting a pet, a place in the shelter becomes available for a new animal that has been abandoned or mistreated. You give a homeless animal a home at the shelter, and you give another animal the chance of having a forever home.

“ You can't change a pet's past, but you could rewrite its future.”

- Shakepaws

3. You can find already socialised and house-trained pets

If you adopt a pet, there is a high possibility that you will get a pet that is already house-trained and socialised.

4. Have the chance to connect and experience that "love at first bark / meow moment"

By adopting, you give yourself the chance to find the most suitable pet match for you when you develop that first connection at the animal shelter when visiting.

Adopting a pet gives you the chance to visit the shelter often, therefore experience that "love at first bark or meow moment" or just a "match moment" with a pet during your visits.

Many people who have adopted pets say that the nicest part of this experience is feeling how a pet "chooses you" while being at the shelter, instead of the other way around. This makes the connection even more special and precious.

5. You will help fight the puppy and kitten mills

If you buy your pet in a pet shop or from an online seller, you have no guarantee about the origin of the animals. Puppy and kitten mills are factory farms that mass produce puppies and kittens of various breeds. The reason we should fight this is because most puppy and kitten mills prioritise the profit over the welfare of animals.

One way to fight this is to adopt the sheltered pets instead of shopping.

6. You can choose from a wide range of animals

Whether you are looking for a small pet or an older pet, an animal shelter offers you a variety of options. You can find pets of any age, size, personality or colour.

7. You gain the best life companion!

Pets are a great reason to get up in the morning, go for a walk, or even just plan your day, than planning it as a pet parent. Being a pet parent gives you more life purpose.

The joy you get knowing that your furry friend loves you, depends on you and wants to be around you 24/7, just makes you feel so much love and brings some extra sunshine to your life.

A furry friend can be your best life companion! They surely think you are theirs!

8. Your new pet will improve your health

It is not a myth. It is true. Pets help us to reduce our stress, they calm us down, they keep us active, they make us laugh and improve our health and well-being in general.

9. Adoption is way more affordable than shopping

People can spend hundreds or thousands in purchasing pets. You can save a lot of money by adopting and making a pet in need happy.

At the end, it doesn't matter how a pet looks, they all have one thing in common: they all need love, care and a forever family & home.

10. Be a hero for those animals that are most in need of a family and set a good example to others

Adopting an animal makes you a better human. Considering adopting those animals that are most in need makes you a HERO!

Many shelters have animals with physical disabilities or health problems like old pets, blind pets, mistreated animals, etc. These are the animals that are even in more need of love, care and adoption. If you consider helping the most needy of them all, you are turning into a real HERO.

Black cats are the least adopted type of felines from shelters. If you ever want to give a black cat a chance for a home, you are giving this cutie the life he deserves and making space in the shelter for a new rescue to get a temporary safe place to live.

You can inspire others to think outside of the box and help more animals get the forever family & home they deserve.

Share this article with friends & family who are thinking of purchasing a dog, maybe you can inspire them to be a hero and rescue a pet instead!

Inspire others to adopt and save furry lives! 🐾

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Photo Credits: Madeline Bowen, Thomas Park, Margarita Kosior, Cynthia Smith, Jametlene Reskp, Anna Kumpan, Fuzzy Rescue, Humberto Arellano and Mary Y. from Unsplash

Quoted phrase from Shakepaws


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